Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Tenuta delle Terre Nere is located on Sicily’s Mount Etna, a recently re-discovered region that is set to challenge readers perceptions of Sicilian wines. These are believed to be the highest vineyards in Italy and Europe. The late-ripening indigenous Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Capuccio yield wines of notable aromatic complexity, with finessed tannins and a weightless quality that recalls Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. Many of the best sites are still planted to old vines that proved to be resistant to phylloxera, which contributes to the wines complexity. Terre Neres top selections are aged in French oak, of which about 25% is new.

The estate has roughly 20-21 hectares, of which 15 are planted to vines. Roughly 4.5 of these have been uprooted and will be replanted within two years after letting the soil "rest". Two vineyards, for a total of roughly 11-12 hectares, make up the Calderara Cru, of which 1.5 hectares are pre-phylloxera; the rest are about 40-50 years old (and they have not been uprooted). Two different vineyards comprise the Guardiola Cru, for a total of 2.1 hectares, almost all of which is pre-phylloxera (except for some replanted vines). The Guardiola vineyards are the highest-altitude red-grape vineyards in Europe! The "Feudo di Mezzo" Cru is made up of two other vineyards, for a total of 1.35 hectares.

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