Maison Descaves

Founded in 1790 by Fernand Richon, the Maison Richon originally specialised in the trade of bulk wines, but under Madame Descaves enterprising initiative, the company’s strategy evolved. Jeanne Descaves was born in 1902 in Bergerac in the Dordogne and married Mr Jean Descaves, also from the Dordogne, in 1920. The young couple decided to leave for Bordeaux and bought Maison Fernand Richon. At the age of 18, Jeanne Descaves did not have the taste for society life but was full of energy and advised her husband to specialise in selling the top Chateau-bottled wines. With only limited funds but a lot of work, courage, determination and passion, the couple travelled throughout Europe by car selling the great wines of Bordeaux and started to build up the famous and unique stock now held at the Maison Descaves – a great library of antique and rare Bordeaux wines. Thanks to the exceptional wisdom, perception and energy of Mme Jeanne Descaves, the Maison Descaves strengthened its links with the great properties and became the leading en primeur wine buyer of all the great Chateaux of Bordeaux. In 1968, Mr Descaves died and his wife Jeanne took over the management of the company alone, doubling the turnover in one year. Respected by everyone, she was given the kindly nickname of “the Queen Victoria of Bordeaux wines”. Madame Descaves died on 25 December 1999, still at the head of her company. Today the shareholders of the company are Champagne Louis Roederer and the Duclot Group. The company is managed by Madame France Chauvin.


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