The family Lheraud have been involved in winemaking and cognac production for hundreds of years, but it was only in 1970 that exportation and promotion really began in earnest. Now producing not only cognac, but Pineau des Charentes and Armagnac as well, Lheraud exports its wares worldwide – and continues to expand into more countries on a yearly basis. Today’s owners Andrée and Guy Lheraud concentrate on producing Cognac Lheraud strictly on a traditional basis, and continue to work tirelessly to introduce their products to more countries and communities throughout the world.

Today, Guy Lheraud still travels around 200 days a year continuing to push their cognacs and armagnacs further in the international markets. Although the company is steeped in tradition, they also embrace technology and learn new techniques as soon as they become available to them.

With their estate Domaine de Lasdoux lying in the Petite Champagne region of Cognac, the family Lheraud is well known for their rare and vintage cognacs. However, they produce eaux-de-vie from all of the growing areas (terroirs), and the hand-written labels on the vintage bottles reminisce of the beautiful, hand-produced masterpieces created by Andrée all those years ago.

All the cognacs are stored in the family owned cellars, and some of the rarer cognacs are presented in beautiful crystal decanters.

Lheraud produce a range of cognacs from the ‘Gamme Emotion Cognac VS through to the Cognac XO Carafe Charles VII.

They are best known for some of their rarer vintages such as the Lheraud Grande Champagne 1969 or the Lheraud Petite Champagne 1973 Magnum which is presented in a perfect reproduction of an original 18th century bottle.

Prices range from around €25 per bottle for Lheraud VS up into the thousands for the rarer vintages.

Along with cognac, Lheraud also make vintage Armagnacs and Pineau des Charentes in varying ages.

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