The Alchemist Beverage Co is establishing a collection of the world’s finest wood aged spirits with the current range including classic Single Malt Scotch Whiskies and outstanding examples of Calvados and Armagnac. The driving force behind the company is Gordon Wright who not only has significant experience in the world of single malt whisky - with his family connections to the Springbank distillery and, latterly, his involvement with the “re-birth” of “Bruichladdich” – but who also has had the opportunity over the years to gain considerable insight into some of the world’s other classic spirits. The result of this experience is the initial range of spirits launched under the “Alchemist” label including stunning examples of Single Malts from the “Highland Park” and “Macallan” distilleries, Calvados from “Christian Drouin” and Armagnac from the “Chateau de Castex.” The selection will be extended over time to include other classic wood-aged spirits from around the globe.

Alchemist Beverage Co.

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