In ancient Greek, the word zýmē means “yeast,” a term of fundamental importance in oenology. Zýmē’s logo is a pentagon within a vine-leaf, symbolising the five primary elements for the making of wine Man, Vine, Earth, Sun, Water. Thus we have an evolution which is the result of experience joined to research, and these five elements thus converge with the leafs five principal lymph lines.

Zýmē was officially founded by Celestino Gaspari in 2003 but it had already been active since 1999. Zýmē is located in a special spot in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, quite unique inasmuch as its home is a recovered part of an ancient sandstone quarry, a location strategically apt within the viticultural district of San Pietro in Cariano.

Zýmē grew slowly, step by step, carefully considering and weighing many factors of fundamental importance, such as eco-compatibility, its own identity and that of its surrounding area, but all the while painstakingly preserving venerable wine-making and viticultural practices and recovering traditional native grape varieties and thus preserving the local environment and cultural ethic.

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