Chateau de Tracy

Always looking for excellence, Château de Tracy wines are the fruit of a wine-making process which is both demanding and passionate.

Château de Tracy dates back to the late 14th Century, but it only came into the hands of the current owners, the d'Estutt d'Assay family, in 1586. The château sits on a spur of rock overlooking the Loire, surrounded by parkland. Not far away is the small commune of Tracy itself, just downriver from Pouilly-Fumé. Although dripping with centuries of history, including archives that indicate the presence of vineyards as long ago as 1396, it was not until the 1950s that the property was revitalised by Comte Alain d'Estutt d'Assay, including the re-establishment of the vineyards in 1952. There are 23 ha in all, of which some surround the château and some are located in Les Loges closer to Pouilly-Fumé. The terroir is quite variable, with silex around the château and Kimmeridgien marl elsewhere, but proprietor Henri d'Estutt d'Assay bottles his wine as a single, blended cuvée Château de Tracy. The quality is undoubtedly good, although fans of the smoky, minerally, flinty side of Pouilly-Fumé may find more pleasure elsewhere than in these bottles of slightly plump, grassy, grapefruity wines.

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