Gustave Lorentz

Based in the charming village of Bergheim, Gustave Lorentz belongs to the group of big houses for quality wines in Alsace. The annual production of Lorentz is 1.8 million bottles, which may be compared with the 0.9 million of Trimbach and 1.5 million of Hugel. 80% of the wines are made from purchased grapes, a relatively high fraction. Historically, Gustave Lorentz is well known for Gewurztraminer, but that actually goes for Bergheim in general. The great wines of Lorentz are found on the Grand Cru level. The house owns vines on Kanzlerberg and Altenberg de Bergheim. In addition, Lorentz purchases grapes from 0.3 ha on Rosacker in Hunawihr. Gustave Lorentz of today was formed in 1972 by amalgamation of Gustave Lorentz with Jérome Lorentz. The former had Altenberg, while the latter was part owner (the other is the Spielmann family) on Kanzlerberg.

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