Online shop

Our online shop was founded by a group of wine enthusiasts and professionals in the wine business. We dont set ourselves the target of creating ones more online shop with the standard range of beverages from the nearest supermarket, but w are striving to develop a useful resource for wine lovers.

We dont consider the trade in wines only as a sale, for us it has already become the philosophy of life. Wine is not just a product of consumption, like bread or water. Wine is a living substance, which absorbs at its birth all the best from the earth, the vine, the unique nature of the area of the country, where it is produced.

The basic concept of our project is to convey to you the emotions, a historical heritage and the unique spirit of the country of production, enclosed in a bottle of wine. That is why we are so painstaking in selecting our range. This is not only job, we live this way and we feel this way.

All alcoholic beverages, presented on the website, are certified and have the original origins.